The efficient way of curing hives used by women scientists in South Africa

Hives are a natural reaction of your body to an allergen. Red plaques, bumps, and welts are just a few of the first signs that you are experiencing an allergic response to a particular element. You can suffer from this medical condition anywhere in the world, from Alaska to South Africa and from Mexico to Mongolia.


There are several treatments for hives that reduce swelling and offer relief from the burning sensation, but not all of them cure you completely. In fact, a recent study has revealed that most of these creams induce skin complications with a prevalence of 25-67% for people who live in Sub-Saharan regions. The good news is that women scientists in South Africa have finally found an efficient way of curing hives:

The harmful ingredient in most hives treatments

The human body is a complex system that had taught itself survival long before it developed a conscience. When it encounters a possible threat, your body releases histamines which act at the surface level of your skin and develop red welts and bumps.

Drugstores are full of antihistamine medicine that promises to cure hives. Unfortunately, these drugs give you nausea, diarrhea and respiratory problems as side effects of a lot of chemicals that they contain. More than that, they never cure your condition entirely and might leave permanent scars on your skin.

South African women scientists cure welts efficiently

The women scientists in South Africa have identified the best cure for welts in OxyHives – a natural treatment that gets rid of hives after just a few applications. This remedy uses a combination of herbal extracts and vitamins to stop the red plaques from spreading and the itching sensation from persisting. Long-term treatment ensures a proper nourishment of your skin and a reliable sustainer of your immune system that does not overreact so quickly to allergens anymore.