Stop Using Long-Lasting Hold Styling Products

Long lasting styling products have been found to have some side effects and should be avoided where possible. For instance, most of the products contain toxic ingredients such as polymers and butane which are known to be toxic and are likely to affect and harm your health.

Why avoid long-lasting styling products

They contain other ingredients that harm the environment. They can also become harmful when they get into the bloodstream through the follicles. The toxins can increase the skin absorption by about 230 times. A number of these products have a wide range of side effects ranging from hair loss, irritation of the eyes skin, throat, and nose. In some cases, it leads to hair thinning and damages organs.

Notice that some of these products contain a multitude of harmful chemicals that put the hair at risk and exposes you to a lot of dangers.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to do without this products. However, a few of them such as Profollica have been tested and have been discovered to have the least effect and do not causehair damage.

profollica treatment

The other problem associated with long-lasting styling products is that they must be applied properly. If applied by new stylists, they end up damaging the hair instead of making it look nice. Also, before applying the procedure, one has to do some activities such as washing the hair and drying it. In most of the cases, the process of washing and drying it makes the hair to break and get damaged. They also lead to thinning of the hair which ends up damaging the hair strands.

This limitation makes most of these long-lasting hold styling products unsuitable. It is therefore recommended that you use friendly products such as Profollica pills which helps to eliminate toxins that make it difficult for the hair to grow.