How South African women delay menopause

The biological clock ticks towards the same life-changing stage for every woman: menopause. One of the less desirable effects of reaching it is the lack of sex drive that settles in and which kills even the last bit of passion left in a relationship.


Through a combination of traditional medicine and modern understanding of the female body, a group of South African women has discovered a way to delay menopause. The answer is not a magical potion but a natural libido enhancer that cures vaginal dryness and restores passion for intercourse.

The way South African women delay aging

In their quest to find the best suspension method for menopausal symptoms, South African women have tried everything from the ancient cures of the Zulu tribes to today’s over-the-counter drugs. Some of them go to the extremes just to keep the flame alive in their post-menopausal years. As a result, they are willing to experiment with just about anything, even with testosterone injections, as this study shows.

Many women fear the death of sexual drive in their lives. However, trying all sorts of untested drugs can produce severe adverse side effects from which you may never recover. A simpler and safer method of keeping a high libido is an all-natural remedy that keeps the passion burning high and induces intense orgasms with every sex act.

Menopause sex can still be great

The good news is that you can reach menopause without experiencing a decreased libido. In fact, with a potent treatment for libido enhancement like Provestra, you can enjoy long intercourse and great orgasms long into your retirement years.

This solution for low sex drive is a singular combination of herbal extracts and vitamins that restore a youthful interest in lovemaking. Its high aphrodisiacal power cures vaginal dryness instantly and guarantees a permanent high libido throughout the year.