How South Africa keeps women scientists close to its chest

Only 30 years ago the idea of having women working in the scientific field was deemed as preposterous in South Africa. Back then, the male-oriented society just wouldn’t have allowed it. Nowadays, two decades after the fall of apartheid the South African community is breathing in new air full of opportunities and equal chances for all people, regardless of their sex or ethnicity.


South African honors for women scientists

It did not take long for South African women to make their way in science. In fact, their efforts led to the formation of the Women in Science Award (WISA), which is given every year to the lady scientist with the best achievements in this field.

Winner of the 2016 award, Dr. Muthoni Masinde worked on an extensive study regarding the prediction of drought and its effects in different environments. Her thesis not only improved the agricultural approach in South Africa, but it also led to the salvation of endangered plant species. Many of these herbs are essential to traditional medicine, and they represent key ingredients in the development of bust enhancement treatments.

Keep a firm chest forever

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