Can women scientists lash out against prejudice in South Africa?

Ever since Nelson Mandela became president in 1994 gender equality has been a sensitive topic in South Africa. After the fall of apartheid, many people envisioned a new world where everybody had equal opportunities regardless of their race, ethnicity or gender.

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Unfortunately, more than 20 years later things are not as easy as the optimistic forecast of the 1990s envisioned. In fact, women see their efforts of obtaining recognition for their work in the academic field thoroughly berated by the male-dominated scientific department. This sad state of facts has adverse effects not only on their careers but their health as well, with thousands of ladies losing their well-being and their good looks to stress every year.

Why women scientists are underrated in South Africa

The battle for gender equality is present in every area of the South African society. As this UN study shows, the country has made significant efforts to empower women, but obstacles persist and make it difficult for many Afrikaans ladies to build on their career dreams.

The main differences are in employment opportunities and income. However, a lack of recognition for female achievements also weighs down on the spirit of many women scientists in South Africa. As a result, they suffer from various forms of stress-induced illnesses, among which eyelash loss is predominant.

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